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Let's Dive Komodo

IMAGINE… you are in one of the seven wonders destination of the world. You have arrived at your destination in one of the "Seven Wonders of the World"
IMAGINE… you dive in an underwater paradise at one of the top diving spots in the world - a spot in the world's coral triangle. You are entering and exploring an underwater paradise beyond your imagination; in one of the choicest diving spots on earth.
IMAGINE… you dive amidst pristine enchanting coral reefs, colorful fishes and corals. While diving and enjoying the sparkling underwater paradise, you are in a cornucopia of colorful coral reefs and lively sea creatures swimming among penetrating golden sunrays bestowed by the greatness of nature.
IMAGINE… you dive alongside Manta Rays, a variety of sharks, a school of barracuda, turtle and Napoleon fish.You are swimming alongside Manta Rays, a variety of sharks, a school of Barracudas, turtles, and Napoleon Fishes.
And finally IMAGINE… you stroll along a pink colored beach and marvel at the komodo, the only living dinosaurs … the world’s single species that has been celebrated at UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE.
At the end of the day, IMAGINE… yourself strolling along a beach covered by pink colored fine sand, and marvel at the sight of Komodo Dragons -- the world's single species celebrated at UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE.
“Let’s Dive Komodo” offers an unforgettable diving experience, under the supervision of certified PADI instructors and experienced and friendly diving guides possessing vast knowledge of the natural wonders and riches of Komodo National Park.
We provide all modern equipment of established brands; all scuba gears are from Scuba Pro and our air compressor is from Bauer. Transportation is provided by wooden boats or speedboats, to ensure you enjoy a safe, pleasant, and memorable diving experience.
Watching the magnificent landscape of SAVANNA ISLANDS, enjoying the WHITE and PINK BEACHES, splendors of undersea SCUBA DIVING, the magnificent KOMODO NATIONAL PARK, the quaint town of LABUANBAJO, Island of FLORES, EAST NUSA TENGGARA islands, the great Indonesian Archipelago, IS TRULY A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE AS YOU VENTURE INTO ONE OF THE SEVEN WONDERS OF NATURE.

How to Get to Komodo Island?

By air: the departure point of your trip is from Jakarta or Bali. You can take connecting Flights, from Jakarta (CGK) – Bali (DPS) – Labuan Bajo (LBJ).
Airlines providing flights are: GARUDA AIR, WINGS AIR - LION AIR, BATIK AIR and CITILINK AIR.
Over land: the gateway cities of Labuan Bajo and Bima are connected to Denpasar (Bali) by bus transport over land.
By sea: The gateway cities of Labuan Bajo and Bima are also connected to Denpasar, Bali, by inter-island ferries.
For detailed information contact the Indonesia Sea Transportation Company (PELNI) at Jalan Raya Kuta No.299. Tuban-Bali. (tel: 0361-763-963). Benoa (Bali) – Bima – Labuan Bajo.